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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Silicone Contour Cups

Silicone Contour Cups

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What kind of a bra do you wear with your hottest backless, strapless, cut-down-to-there outfit? The answer is, you don’t.

Our Secret #15, Hollywood Silicone Contour Cups, give you support without straps and also work as nipple concealers for when you need to de-perkify. The soft foam cups come with adhesive to lift you and keep you in place, so can confidently wear your slinkiest, most barely-there gown. 

  • Perfect for coverage, support and cleavage.
  • Separated at center for backless, strapless, low-cut styles.
  • Soft foam cups with Silicone adhesive.
  • Can be washed and worn up to 25 times!
  • Works best for cup sizes A-D.

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