Collection: Fashion Solutions

Our ‘un-seen on celebs’ invisible style solutions give a smooth seamless appearance. Banish those VPL (visible panty lines) with our Adhesive Thong!

It's no secret that we can all get a little hot under our hats – Don’t sweat it! Hat Shields will protect your hat from make-up, sweat and stains!

Refresh your wardrobe and breathe a new life into clothes with our expert style savers! Remove deodorant marks from clothes easily with our reusable Deodorant Removing Sponge.

Stay impeccably groomed with Garment Shields to protect your fabrics, from odours & stains! Ingenious fashion tricks keep you flawlessly neat and fresh 24-7.

Do your own on-the-go alternations without sewing as much as a stitch! The Hip Hugger will keep your pants perfectly-fitting for a tailored, smooth front and no-gap back without the expensive tailoring.